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Belize Baboon Sanctuary

Baboon in tree - Belize Baboon Sanctuary

The Community Baboon Sanctuary a first of its kind where the locals designated themselves a wildlife sanctuary and adjusted the way of life for the environment. The Baboon Sanctuary is located in Bermuda Landing along the Belize River Valley and was started in 1984 by Dr. Horwitz a primate professor from University of Wisconsin. He was attracted to the area after seeing a documentary about a fig tree next to where there was a ferry in the village which supported 46 variety of birds and animals one of which were Black Howler Monkeys which returned to the tree everyday at sunset. After spending months in the village with the local Belizeans they came up with the idea to protect the Howler Monkey population which was a mere 400 at that time by not clearing land along the riverside, cutting down natural fruit trees, and leaving natural bridges so the howlers can travel in the trees. Now the population in the area exceeds 1600 monkeys. During the tour of the sanctuary your guide will point out important flora and fauna and will get you up close to Howler Monkeys in the wild.  You will hear why they are one of the ten loudest animals on Earth.


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