Belize Boutique Resort and Spa

Belize Travel Check List

What to Bring to Belize

  • A valid passport is required for entry into Belize.
  • Insect repellent (Sportsman OFF in blue can or green can works best)
  • Antihistamine, cortisone cream & any other necessary medication
  • Waterproof sunscreen, aloe vera gel, sunglasses & hat
  • If you are traveling with children, favorite toy or dvd (dvd player in room)
  • Camera, extra batteries & binoculars
  • Snorkel gear - if you require specific snorkel mask, etc.
  • One pair wet shoes — reef walkers, tennis shoes or sandals
  • One pair dry shoes — tennis shoes or comfortable walking⎹ hiking shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy
  • One pair sock - especially if ATM Caves is on your list of things to experience
  • Resort wear — light-weight clothing, one sweater or lightweight jacket & rain jacket
  • One long pair pants or jeans & one long sleeve shirt
  • Tipping is appreciated (15-20% is appropriate)

Code of Ethics for the Responsible Travelers

  • Travel in a spirit of humility and with genuine desire to meet and talk with local people.
  • Be aware of the feelings of the local people; prevent what might be offensive behavior.
  • Cultivate the habit of listening and observing rather than merely hearing and seeing or knowing all answers.
  • Realize that other people may have concepts of time and have thought patterns which are different than yours.
  • Instead of seeing the exotic, discover the richness of another culture and way of life.
  • Get acquainted with local customs; respect them.
  • Remember that you are only one among many visitors; do not expect special privileges.
  • When shopping through bargaining, remember that the poorest merchant will give up profit rather than give up his/her personal dignity.
  • Spend time each day reflecting on your experiences in order to deepen you understanding. What enriches you may be robbing others.
  • Make no promise to local people or new friends that you cannot implement.


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