AdventureCelebrationsFamily & friendsTravel TipsWhy Not Start Planning Your Crowd-free Fall Belize Vacation Now?!

Why Not Start Planning Your Crowd-free Fall Belize Vacation Now? If a trip to this sunny, tropical paradise sounds irresistible, start planning now so you are assured of beating the crowds at a Belize resort that redefines the words privacy and seclusion. Raise your hand if the reason you don’t take as many vacations as you would like has to do with a condition that’s quite common: Crowd aversion. We get it. Crowded beaches defeat...

AdventureRomanceThe Best Belize Vacations For Couples

The Best Belize Vacations For Couples Quarantines do more to exacerbate rifts in relationships than couples realize. But you can come through this pandemic by finding a place of solitude, peace and tranquility not far from home, in beautiful Belize. Dr. Barbara Markway knows a thing or two about couples under stress. She has counseled fractured families, couples whose once-vibrant love has vanished and those on the brink of divorcing, helping them repair their relationships....


Belize Boutique Resort and Spa Lifts Hearts and Minds    Who says Belize resorts think only about their bottom lines? The Belize Boutique Resort and Spa is launching a philanthropic campaign that inspires everyone who hears about it. At Belize Boutique Resort and Spa, it’s no secret that guests come first. This luxury property, referred to as the epitome of “jungle chic,” earns that reputation thanks to the artful marriage of a gorgeous jungle setting...

AdventureFamily & friendsPress & MediaTravel TipsAeromexico Launches new Non-stop Flight to Belize

The biggest airline in Mexico, Aerovías de México, better known as Aeromexico, has just announced that it will be flying to Belize for the first time. During the upcoming tourist high season, Aeromexico will be offering two flights a week between Mexico City and Belize City. Starting on November 17, 2018, and continuing every Saturday and Sunday until April 28, 2019, Aeromexico will be departing Mexico City at 8:30 AM and arriving at the Philip...

Vacation in Paradise at this Hip Artisanal Luxury Boutique Resort & Spa in the Mayan Rainforest of Belize. Despite its remote jungle setting, this private luxury Belize Boutique Resort and Spa provides all the pampering amenities of an upscale hotel. With only 16 rooms on this peaceful, private family owned 1000 acre property, seclusion is guaranteed when needed so you can relax from your busy schedule.

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