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Plan a Destination Family and Friends Reunion in Belize  One of the best ways to strengthen bonds and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime is by organizing a reunion. But instead of hanging out at a local hotel or park, why not enjoy a fun, overseas destination in an exciting destination like Belize? Belize is an English-speaking country in Central America just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, and...


Where to Get Married in Belize Ever dreamed of an exotic, destination wedding? Have you ever gotten jealous after seeing friends posting pictures on social media of their amazing, tropical wedding? Well, the good news is that you can enjoy an unforgettable wedding in an amazingly beautiful place when you choose to get married in Belize. Unlike in other countries, Belize makes it very easy for foreigners to get married. All documents are in English,...


More and more people are pausing from the hustle of life to take that yearly anniversary vacation trip.  I applaud the anniversary trippers.  I personally take a yearly anniversary vacation AND did not realize this is a phenomenon until recently. As life happens, it’s easy to be together but “not together”: work, kids, pets, schedules, schools, project, obstacles … the list can be long, it can be simple or it can be complex and complicated. ...


Belize Travel Tips Despite the fact that here at Belize Boutique Resort and Spa® we focus on catering to our guests’ every need to ensure that their stay is both memorable and enjoyable, we like to encourage all our visitors to make their own unique effort to savor their vacation experience in Belize.  Many times there is simply so much to see and do that a lot of vacationers can understandably become overwhelmed. Relax; this...


Belize With Kids All parents know that it’s only a matter of time before the kids are too grown up to want to go on vacation with their family. That’s why it is so essential to enjoy family trips right now when the kids are still young enough to appreciate spending some quality time with their family. Vacations are a great way to both bond with your kids as well as create lasting memories. And...


Perfect Resort In Belize for Comfort, luxury, and fun  The Belize Boutique Resort and Spa is an oasis of comfort and luxury located deep in the heart of the rainforests of Belize and is the perfect place to hold occasions like weddings, honeymoons, and other special events. The resort is located just 30 miles north of the Philip Goldson International Airport in one of the most pristine and beautiful wild areas of the country. Designed...


AdventureAltun Ha Belize

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Altun Ha, The Pride of Belize’s Maya History Belize was once the heartland of the ancient Maya civilization, and today, the country is home to more pyramids, palaces, and ancient Maya ballcourts than anywhere else on Earth. And no site represents the architectural majesty of the ancient Maya better than Altun Ha. Today, Altun Ha is located just 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Belize City near the country’s Caribbean coast. Measuring more than three...


Vacation in Paradise at this Hip Artisanal Luxury Boutique Resort & Spa in the Mayan Rainforest of Belize. Despite its remote jungle setting, this private luxury Belize Boutique Resort and Spa provides all the pampering amenities of an upscale hotel. With only 16 rooms on this peaceful, private family owned 1000 acre property, seclusion is guaranteed when needed so you can relax from your busy schedule.

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