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How To Spend A Perfect Week in Belize For a country as beautiful and enchanting as Belize, a weekend visit is simply not enough time. Experienced visitors will tell you one week in Belize is the bare minimum when visiting this unique destination. To help with some Belize vacation ideas, we’ve created this one-week Belize itinerary for you. Day 1 – Land at the international airport in Belize City. Before checking in at Belize Boutique...


Pamper Yourself with a Spa Vacation in Belize If you’re coming to Belize to treat yourself to a little R&R (rest and relaxation), you can’t find a finer place than the Belize Boutique Resort and Spa. For over 30 years, the resort has operated the finest spa in the country. Indeed, the spa at the Belize Boutique Resort is on par with any luxury spa that you’ll find in the United States. Far beyond offering...


Belize can boost your health and wellness on your vacation Visiting Belize isn’t just a great way to unwind and relax in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, it can also be good for your health. In Belize, wellness travel is intricately linked with the pristine nature of the surrounding jungle and rainforest, a thriving, ecologically diverse environment that is home to gorgeous tropical flowers, more than 600 colorful bird species, and...


Belize: Your Yoga Retreat Destination  Yoga is one of humanity’s oldest sciences and has, in recent years, become a popular way to stay fit while also learning ancient practices on meditation and breath control. One of the finest places to practice yoga is in a pristine natural environment such as you’ll find in Belize. Centering your mind and body in a lush environment like Belize is an excellent way to tune your body and soul...


Belize Spa Vacations  You’ve been working hard this year and you deserve a much-needed break. And one of the best ways to relax and unwind is with a fabulous spa vacation in Belize. Spa treatments, especially full body massages, are part of a growing trend towards wellness and are much more than just a way to relax and unwind, they’re also very vital for your health. Spa treatments can improve the health of your body’s...


Perfect Resort In Belize for Comfort, luxury, and fun  The Belize Boutique Resort and Spa is an oasis of comfort and luxury located deep in the heart of the rainforests of Belize and is the perfect place to hold occasions like weddings, honeymoons, and other special events. The resort is located just 30 miles north of the Philip Goldson International Airport in one of the most pristine and beautiful wild areas of the country. Designed...


Vacation in Paradise at this Hip Artisanal Luxury Boutique Resort & Spa in the Mayan Rainforest of Belize. Despite its remote jungle setting, this private luxury Belize Boutique Resort and Spa provides all the pampering amenities of an upscale hotel. With only 16 rooms on this peaceful, private family owned 1000 acre property, seclusion is guaranteed when needed so you can relax from your busy schedule.

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