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family Vacation

family Vacation

  • 3RD Trip More Magical Than Ever & Second to None!

    Our 3RD trip to Belize Boutique Resort and Spa was more magical than ever!  We are so fortunate to be able to know Melanie and Nicky and their two sons.  

    The hospitality at Belize Boutique Resort and Spa is second to none!  Thank you for an amazing trip!

    P.S. Best Vacation Ever.  I loved breakfast.  Sterling & Merickson were the best.  - Timmy R. 

    P.S. It was super fun here.  The food is so good.  I had the best vacation in my life.  The rooms are really nice.  I really want to come back!!!! - Jake R.

    Jenn & Brett R.  ⎹  Orlando, FL. ⎹  June 9, 2017

  • Amazing + Relaxing Experience!

    What a beautiful relaxing place.  What a wonderful concept.  The decor is so comfortable and so tropical.

     Thank you for allowing us to have this amazing experience,

    Carlos, Adriana, Carlos + Anna │ Los Angeles, California │ March 2019

  • Amazing Experience & Cuisine!

    We stayed at this Resort and it was amazing!  It was so relaxing and the staff was so nice.  Our room was so cool and this was for sure an amazing experience!  We loved how the Resort had a lot to do and the food was so good.  We looked forward to eating.  Lol.  This was a perfect way to end our 18 days adventure in Belize!  Thank You!  With Love.

    Leah, Tanner, Ezrah + Malik O. │. Alberta, Canada │ January 4, 2019

  • Beautiful Experience. Best trip of My Life!

    Best trip of my life!  Thank you for the warm welcome, the delicious food and the amazing excursions.  Everything on this trip was a first for me!

    First horseback ride; first time snorkeling, first time visiting the ruins and my first, but not my last, time to Belize!  

    Thank you All for A beautiful experience.  I felt right at home! xoxo

    P.S. Thank you Trey + Alexis for inviting me on this spectacular trip!

    Jasmine, Trey, Alexis  ⎹  York, PA. ⎹  June 9, 2017

  • Enjoyable Vacation

    Had a fun and adventurous trip here in Belize! The Resort team was so kind and supportive, which made our vacation all the more enjoyable.  Hope everyone has a great New Year!  

    Sundar, Sangeetha, Anjana + Aparna S. │ Cupertino, California │ December 31, 2019

  • Father Daughter Trip. Amazing Place!

    Everything was great! The people were a delight, helpful & attentive! Food was amazing!

    The first three words we were told were to RELAX, RELAX & then RELAX. This is an amazing place, great tours, guides were outstanding. I will be back. Thanks.

    Jenn Dinwoodie & Stan Dinwoodie ⎹ Sarasota, FL ⎹ December 23, 2017

  • Love this place

    Ashley G Ashley G. Burrell Boom
    Oct 26, 2015
    My family has been visiting Belize Boutique Resort And Spa for as long as I can remember, and it has only gotten better over the years. We love this place because there are always friendly faces waiting to greet us, a beautiful and relaxing ambience, and absolutely delicious cuisine! Can't wait to go back!
  • Loved Every Minute

    Thank you for making our stay so special.  We loved every minute of it.  

    Matt, Kerry + Maya │ Duluth, Minnesota │ March 2019

  • Lovely Family Vacation. We will be back!

    A Very Unique Experience.  Watch out for the rum punch; it is stronger than you think.  Also 10 out of 10 recommend the Mud Massages!

    Love this Place!!  Thank You for Sharing it with us.  We will be back. - Agreed, the rum punch will sneak up on you!

    Tom, Sharon + Marissa S. ⎹  Indian Rock Beach, FL. ⎹  March 29, 2018

    Greg, Sam + Haley-Kate  ⎹  Clw Beach, FL. ⎹  March 29, 2018

  • Magical Times Spent @ Belize Boutique Resort and Spa

    We have been back from our trip to Belize for about 3 months now. I have to admit there is not a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about the magical time we spent at the Belize Boutique Resort and Spa Jungle Spa!

    Our trip to Belize had been in the planning for about a year. A surprise for my husbands 50th birthday. When I came across the Belize Boutique Resort and Spa in my planning I was impressed with all the positive reviews I was reading. I figured if half of what I was reading was accurate this would be the perfect place to go.

    Well accurate they were! From the moment I sent the first email inquiring about booking with you I was incredibly impressed at the personal attention I received. Even when I had to change the reservation to accommodate one more person it was no problem.  You were able to answer all my questions and were so helpful in arranging our airport transportation,  our excursions and even my husbands birthday dinner!

    Your warm personal  welcome upon arrival was such a wonderful way to start our stay. And so was the upgrade to the gorgeous 2 bedroom villa to give our group of 5 more room to spread out.

    The Belize Boutique Resort and Spa surpassed all my expectations! What a spectacular place to start our introduction to Belize.

    It was wonderful to meet you and your family and friendly staff...oh and Mia too.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! Hope to be back soon!

    Heather H. & Family  ⎹  Canada  ⎸ May 8, 2017

  • Mother Son Trip - Outstanding Service & Hospitality!

    So many fun activites to do here,  We had such a fun time in Belize!!  It is so fun.

    Thank you so much for your hospitality!  We had a wonderful time ?. The service was outstanding!  We love Belize!

    Isaac W & Stacey W. ⎹  Redwood City, CA. ⎹  January 4, 2018

  • One of My Favorite Place To Be

    Had a great Easter Sunday.  Still one of my favorite places to be.  

    Gladys + Rueben + Mileidy V. │Orange Walk, Belize│ April 21, 2019. 

  • Thank You for Always treating Us Like Extended Family!

    This place is awesome!  We loved staying here!  The food was very good and the rooms are so pretty.

    Mel, Nicky & family - Thank You for always treating us like extended family.  We LOVE You & as always - we WILL be back.

    Rachel, Ulysses, Cali & Uey W.  ⎹  New Cumberland, PA. ⎹  January 20, 2018

  • The Continuation of Our Family Tradition @ Belize Boutique Resort and Spa!

    Lorenzo & Rosie & Valentina have started Their Belize Boutique Resort Tradition.  Daddy Started coming in 1988 as a single guy and then in 2003 he brought his girlfriend Sandra.  We then married in 2004 and we just keep coming back!  1988 - 2017 Now it's our children's turn. Sandra L.  

    Lorenzo (7) ➣ I went tubing in the caves and fed the monkeys.

    Rosie (7) ➣ I had fun.  Danced all night.

    Valentina (12) ➣ I had the Best Time in Belize.  I went snorkeling, cave tubing and horse back riding.  On the last night, we had a dance party in the restaurant.  It was awesome.  Uncle Nikki & Titi Mel were wonderful.

    Sandra, Ted, Valentina, Rosie & Lorenzo L.  ⎹  Wilmington, NC. ⎹  August 21, 2017

  • The Trip of A Lifetime!

    We range in age from 1 to 95!!  A Great Testimony to Belize Boutique Resort and Spa!!  We all had the trip of a lifetime.  This is my 4TH time to Belize Boutique Resort and Spa and for sure not my last.  Thank you so much for hosting my family.  It is a dream come true to bring my family here to experience paradise and get junglized????!!

    Thank you Melanie & Staff for a lovely 3 days!

    Thank you so much for the beutiful stay, the awesome adventures & for all the memories.  We had such a good time!

    Oldson Family Trip ⎹  Wichita Falls, TX & Salt Lake City, UT. ⎹ August 3, 2017

  • Vacation of A Lifetime!

    Thank you all for an amazing experience.  The resort is so beautiful and the staff were the best.  We had the most relaxing vacation of a lifetime.  This was my first trip outside the US in years and it certainly was most memorable.  My daughter and I had the best vacation ever.

    Leslie S. & Molly B. ⎹  Woodstock, Maryland ⎹  June 27, 2017 

  • World Unique Experience

    An Excellent place.  Service is the best.  Everybody is nice.  Best food in the world.  Beautiful area.  There is so much to choose from.  It was a world unique experience.  Everything from the swimming pools to the chess table was 5 stars.  I would recommend this resort over anywhere else.  

    Gallegos Family  |  Santa Fe, New Mexico  |  June 17, 2019

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