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Belize Resort Packages

Belize Friends family packages

Friends & Family Packages

Just 30 miles north of the International Airport is the perfect vacation spot for family and friends. Removed enough from everyday bustle, yet centrally located to the top tour destination in the country for those seeking adventure and ready to explore. The resort’s full body spa, two outdoor pools, hot tub and several lounge areas provides the perfect excuse to get some well deserved pampering and rejuvenation. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation and rejuvenation, you’ll be pleased to have both with personalized attention and without the distractions.

Belize Singles Packages

Belize Singles Packages

Traveling single is not a lack of options; it’s a choice. A choice to travel, explore and discover life; to gain clarity and a better perspective. A choice and a journey that once taken will enable you to give the best of yourself to others. Discover Belize with personalized resort tours to ancient Mayan Ruins, float down caves, explore wildlife sanctuaries, snorkel the second largest Barrier reef in the world and meet people from different cultures. Rejuvenate with professional spa treatments to improve body and spirit. Continue your journey with us.

Belize Holidays Packages

Belize Holidays Packages

Create a new tradition by Celebrating the Holidays with us in Belize. Nothing says Holidays more than being with loved ones and what better way to do so than spending quality time with friends and family without the distractions. Let us help you to plan the perfect Holiday Getaway. Leave the cold behind and get away to warmer weather and sunny days. We’ll take care of the planning & cleaning and you can relax and enjoy the season! Besides, it’ll give you another reason to Celebrate with everyone else when you get back home!




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