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Belize Boutique Resort and Spa Lifts Hearts and Minds

Who says Belize resorts think only about their bottom lines? The Belize Boutique Resort and Spa is launching a philanthropic campaign that inspires everyone who hears about it.

At Belize Boutique Resort and Spa, it’s no secret that guests come first. This luxury property, referred to as the epitome of “jungle chic,” earns that reputation thanks to the artful marriage of a gorgeous jungle setting and posh accommodations.

Ditto the award-winning cuisine overseen by highly-trained chefs in addition to the resort’s libations menu that bring guests back year-after-year. But these days, staff and guests are most excited by the resort’s recently-announced initiative to repaint King’s College, a local high school located just down the road from the property.

Melanie Nicholson, the resort’s managing director, says that this is a feel-good idea embraced by everyone who hears about it. “I can’t stop thinking about how the lives of the children attending the school are changed forever by receiving a good education. If I have my way, we are looking to raise $3000 by August 7, 2019, we’ll have several buildings repainted in time for the start of Belize’s school year in August.”

Melanie isn’t the only person enthused about this project. Staff and guests pepper her with questions about the school’s much-needed facelift. “We are recruiting a team of volunteers and going about the process of picking paint colors, so anyone eager to jump in and be part of this effort is welcome,” she adds.

In addition to age, the buildings at Kings College have been lovingly inhabited by generations of children and Melanie is certain that from the moment students arrive on campus in August, they will be thrilled by the updated look that has the potential to further their ambitions and hunger for learning.

"A more aesthetically pleasing environment can foster a spirit of achievement,” she says. “If there are funds leftover, they will be used for educational programs or to pay the tuition of less-privileged, promising students whose parents can't afford to send them to the school."

Why should guests at Belize Boutique Resort and Spa care about this worthwhile project? Who doesn’t want to stay at a luxury property supported by staffers who know the importance of giving back? In fact, plenty of travelers love the idea of making a difference while on vacation, and this is one way to do it that is guaranteed to make everyone feel doubly good about vacationing at Belize Boutique Resort and Spa.

What can guests do to help? Ask the staff how you can be part of this amazing effort—-whether you want to GIFT paint to the school, GIFT $10 towards paint for the school or help paint a few walls while you’re on your vacation. And think about what a great excuse you'll have for getting a massage at the resort spa after you've gone about the business of doing good!


Make A Difference And Support educational initiatives in Belize

We have had the Most Memorable Trip we have ever had.  This is a very special place - from the beautiful tranquil settings, to the most gracious and accommodating staff EVER, to the delicious world class cuisine - everything and everyone far exceeded even our wildest expectations.  We will long Cherish our Christmas in the Jungle amoung nature, the river, the caves, the magnificient ruins and the beautiful azure coast. Although this was a once in a lifetime expereicne for us, we look forward to returning. Our Love to All -

Jim & Jayne O.│Columbia, SC │ December 28, 2020


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