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COVID-19 UPDATE: The safety and wellbeing of our guests, associates and team of staff is of paramount importance to us. To learn about the precautionary hygiene measures we are implementing as well as steps we are taking to give you more flexibility with your travel planning CLICK HERE.

Is Belize Safe to Travel During Covid?

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The Belize Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) remains opened.



Belize has been opened to international travels since October 2020. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Government of Belize has implemented and exercised many enhanced protocols to keep both international travelers and residents as safe as possible.  The Belize Tourism Board has been feverishly working on implementation, training and Certification of the Gold Standards for the tourism industry - Resorts, Hotels, Tours Operators, Tour Sites, and RestaurantsThe Gold Standards Certification is a 9 point enhanced health and safety protocols that outlines stringent cleaning & sanitization practices, as well as social distance protocols. It includes daily temperature checks for guests, associates and employees, as well as  monitoring, reporting and containing any symptoms that may arise.  Proactive measures are taken to prevent the spread of the virus. 


The most recent Belize Travel Requirements update for arriving tourists are as follows

  • Valid Passport and Visa 
  • Tourists must be booked by a Gold Standard approved hotel, must transfer to hotel via a Gold Standard approved tour operator and must abide by safety protocols such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing;
  • Negative PCR test result - taken within 4 days of arrival - will be accepted by passengers at the international airport; (or) a rapid antigen test - taken within 48 hours of arrival - will also be accepted from arriving passenger at the international airport
  • Download the Belize Health App and complete required information within 72 hours of your flight to Belize.




That being said, there is always a risk when traveling during these times and extreme caution must be taken by the individual to ensure for safe travels regardless if you traveling to the corner store, at home or internationally.  Simple and consistent practices, such as wearing face masks, social distancing 6 feet from others and continuously sanitizing & washing hands are a few measures we can individually take that have positive effects on our health and that of others.  Wearing your face masks not only prevents the spread of bodily fluids, but also shows respect for the wellbeing of others you come in contact.  


Pack your bags, practice individual safety and embark on a Worry Free Vacation to Belize.  When considering where to stay, look at the Belize Boutique Resort And Spa. This private resort and spa in Belize is a Certified Gold Standard Resort & Gold Standard Tour Operator by the Belize Tourism Board, meaning, we have exceptional cleaning and sanitization protocols to ensure your trip from start to finish is worry free. The resort offers and coordiante land transfers from the International Airport and water taxi terminal upon arrival and departure, provide guided tours to top destinations within the country for Resort guess only, and assist in arranging Covid-19 test for reentry to US, Canada and other countries.  With only 20 rooms spaced on property, two outdoor pools and plenty lounge areas, social distancing is built in. Your health and safety throughout your stay is our top priority and we have been recognized for just that. 


Visiting Belize and Belize Boutique Resort ANd Spa is as easy as 1, 2,3. Detailed below is what to prepare before arrival, what to expect upon arrival at the Belize  International Airport, what to do while in Belize and preparing for departure. We trust to welcome you to Belize soon and offer a Memorable Belize Vacation. 


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