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Couples Mood Mud Massage featured in Travel Life Magazine


Check out the new Belize Feature in Travel Life Magazine. Travel Life Magazine, a Canadian Magazine has recognized Belize and the Belize Boutique Resort And Spa for its Couples Mood Mud Massage. 

The Couples Mood Mud Massage is featured along with other spa treatments such as Fire Therapy in Thailand, Snake Massage in Israel, Cryotherapy in Monaco & Herbal Steam Bath Massage in Jamaica.  “Spas the world over are offering unique experiences that go well beyond body scrubs and massages”, writes Chris Ryall.  At Belize Boutique Resort And Spa, “One colour mud is used to give a full body massage, then the true artistry begins as the therapist uses different coloured muds to paint the body… The treatment concludes with the couple going to an open-air bathhouse and rinsing off with warm water.”   

Travel Life is a Canadian luxury travel magazine that is designed to inspire unique getaways and cultural experiences.  This quarterly magazine, delivers rich content on exciting destinations and showcases the exciting diversity that the world has to offer and has a nation-wide Canadian distribution to both the travel professional as well as the travelling public.

Couples Mood Mud Massage

The Mood Mud Massage is the Signature treatment at JIVA Spa located on property at Belize Boutique Resort And Spa. It is a household name having earned local and international recognition and absolutely ranks amongst the top ten must do activities when visiting Belize!   The Mood Mud Massage comes highly recommended in “The Ultimate Belize Bucket List” travel book by native Belizean Larry Waight, and the Caribbean Guide to Wellness & Rejuvenation. 

This undeniably unique and extraordinary treatment utilizes a handful of therapeutic natural minerals which are vigorously massaged into the key pressure points and also delicately lathered all over the body in an artistic tribal design to cool and refresh the skin while penetrating to the depth of each individual pore. Our meticulously trained local masseuses undoubtedly ensures that guests achieve total body relaxation from the mind right down to the smallest toe.  The shoulders, back, and calves are carefully soothed to relieve all excess tension leaving the body feeling enriched and revitalized.  Each refreshing splash of mineral laced mud is cool to the touch and rejuvenates like a crisp morning shower.  As the mud dries and seeps deep into the pores skin feels clean, nourished, and firm- certainly the last thing that comes to mind when one envisions a mud massage! During this deeply relaxing experience, gentle mood music and sensual aromas of scented incense resound throughout the massage hut which allows the mind to drift into a near trance state free of all worldly concerns thus removing all mental stress while the invigorating mud treatment and skillful hands of the masseuses relieve physical tension, relaxing muscles and soothing even the most fragile nerve endings. The treatment concludes with the couple going into an open air bath. 

The bath area is an impressive spectacle in itself- a rustic open-air stone structure reminiscent of the neighboring ancient Mayan monuments with sprawling genuine stone carved baths looking up to the meandering clouds of the sky above.  The tubs are filled with calming warm water which both removes the mud coating and nourishes the skin leaving the body feeling cleansed and refreshed while the open air setting evokes a sense of well-being and oneness with nature that is ultimately nourishing to both mind and soul.  

“We are honored and humbled to have been chosen” comments Melanie & Merickston Nicholson of Belize Boutique Resort And Spa. "Thank You, Travel Life for featuring the Couple’s Mood Mud Massage. The Couples Mood Mud Massage.  It is definitely a unique experience that must be tried at least once.  There’s just something about the Mood Mud Massage that completely relaxes you and break down barriers, freeing the mind, body  and soul. Don't just take our word for it. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself. Getaway to Belize and Experience a Safe and Worry Free Spa Adventure." 

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